What is the difference between a cloud server and a physical server?
What is the difference between a cloud server and a physical server? (Foto Wikipedia)

Putting aside the jargon of professional terms, according to my study and understanding, try to answer. According to the classification of servers, there are roughly independent servers (so-called physical servers), virtual hosts, virtual private servers VPS, and cloud servers.

1. Physical server

This is visible to the naked eye. It is an independent and complete computer with CPU, memory, hard disk, etc., like your own home, with living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. You have independent autonomy, others cannot in use. Common products are server rental, server hosting.

2. Virtual host.

This is also an independent server. The difference is that it uses virtual software to create multiple seemingly independent spaces for you to use, but the CPU and memory cores are still shared. The behavior of each virtual user will affect the performance of the entire server. , You also cannot control the server. This is like a collective bedroom. Although you have your bed, the bathroom is shared. The door lock is controlled by the bedroom manager. Once he locks the door, you cannot enter the bedroom. In such a collective dormitory, you do n’t have the right to privacy. Second, it is easy to cause crowding and mutual interference. Third, your control authority is very low. Common products are: web hosting, cloud space, cloud web hosting.

3. Cloud server

This is also an independent server. It is an improvement to the virtual host. Although the CPU and memory cores seem to be independent on the surface, they are divided into independent small parts for you by applying more advanced virtualization technology. use.

This is like a bed in a collective dormitory. Now each bed is divided into small units by a wall, and a large bathroom is also created. The original large number of squats are divided into individual squats and assigned to everyone. For independent use, others cannot use it. After this transformation, your own independent space can be arranged according to your ideas, your door lock is also controlled by you, the bathroom is not allowed to be used by others, and people do not interfere with each other. ——Although the overall space of the collective dormitory has not changed, your autonomy has been enhanced and you can do what you want, such as installing an operating system (personal arrangement). Common products are: cloud server and vps .

In summary, it can be seen that they are in a progressive relationship, and the technological advancement is also progressive. If the above understanding is wrong, please correct me.


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