Instagram is an extremely light instagram bot that uses the undocumented Web API. Unlike other bots, does not require Selenium or a WebDriver. Instead, it interacts with the API over simple HTTP Requests. It runs on most systems, including Raspberry Pi.


  • From PyPi (Stable):
python3 -m pip install instabot-py
  • From sources (Bleeding edge):
python3 -m pip install git+


Run instabot-py --create-config command and a default configuration will be created in your current directory: instabot.config.yml . It should be modified according the needs. You can also run the bot with a different configuration file using -c flag: instabot-py -c myconfiguration.yml

Start the bot

  • instabot-py or python3 -m instabot_py
  • instabot-py -c myconfiguration.yml or python3 -m instabot_py -c myconfiguration.yml

The %username%.db file contains records of posts the bot has liked, and the users who has been followed/unfollowed.

The %username%.session file stores your session with Instagram to avoid re-logins each time you start the bot.


  • python3 -m pip install instabot-py --no-cache-dir --upgrade
  • pip3 install instabot-py --no-cache-dir --upgrade


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