How To Get Office365 25TB Account Space with Sharepoint Online
How To Get Office365 25TB Account Space with Sharepoint Online

Sharepoint Online is a team office collaboration website launched by Microsoft. It is one of the Office365 suites. It is composed of sites (websites). Similarly, it also has space for storing files.

On April 28, 2018, Microsoft once again modified the rules for the maximum space usage of Onedrive for business. Prior to this, Onedrive for business could expand the space indefinitely, but after that, according to Microsoft documents

If you need to provide users with more than 5 TB of cloud storage space, the administrator can open a case through Microsoft Technical Support to request additional storage space. The additional cloud storage space is granted as follows:

If the user has used at least 90% of the 5TB storage space, Microsoft will increase the default storage space in OneDrive up to 25 TB per user (administrators can set a lower storage space limit per user if necessary).
For any user who has used at least 90% of the 25 TB OneDrive storage space, each user will be assigned a 25TB SharePoint team site as an additional cloud storage space. This additional storage space is provided to the organization on a quota basis.

This means that after April 28, 2018, the maximum onedrive for business space is only 25TB. If you need to continue to expand the space, you can only use SharePoint online to continue to expand the space.

Continuing to expand the Sharepoint Online subscription is the same as the Onedrive for business subscription to 25TB, which means that as long as your Onedrive for business can be extended to 25TB, then your account can continue to expand the Sharepoint Online space. The supported subscriptions are as follows:

Office 365 Enterprise E3
Office 365 Enterprise E5
Office 365 A1
Office 365 A3
Office 365 A5
Office 365 U.S. Government G3
Office 365 U.S. Government G5
Office 365 Nonprofit E3
Office 365 Nonprofit Organization E5
OneDrive for Business Plan 2
SharePoint Online Plan 2
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3
Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5
Microsoft 365 A3
Microsoft 365 A5
Microsoft 365 U.S. Government G3
Microsoft 365 U.S. Government G5
Microsoft 365 Nonprofit Organization E3
Microsoft 365 Nonprofit Organization E5

To use Sharepoint Online, we first have to go to the Office console for the initial setup.

In the lower-left corner of the administrator background, select the Sharepoint console.

SharePoint Setting
SharePoint Setting

Here we choose to open the new version of Sharepoint Online console, which is easier to operate. After opening, we can see the Sharepoint console.

SharePoint Admin Center Page
SharePoint Admin Center Page

Here we choose settings

SharePoint Setting Storage
SharePoint Setting Storage

Then select the site storage limit. Here, we set the default automatic to manual, so that we can more easily control the space capacity of Sharepoint Online

SharePoint Manual Storage Limit
SharePoint Manual Storage Limit

Then select the website creation below and set your default site size to 25600GB

SharePoint Site Creation Storage Setting
SharePoint Site Creation Storage Setting

Here, the basic settings we need are completed, and then we need to apply for the capacity of Sharepoint Online. We select the website and the active site. In the upper right corner, you can see the current Sharepoint Online capacity space. This space is based on your initial user.

The number of licenses pre-allocates a certain amount of capacity for you, because for Education Edition subscriptions because the number of user licenses is very large, the pre-allocated Sharepoint Online capacity has dozens of PB that can be directly allocated for use, such as my Education Edition account, 32.43PB of space was allocated in advance

But for subscriptions that are not unlimited licenses, such as 25-user E3 MSDN users, because the subscription is only 25 users, the initially allocated space is only a pitiful 1.24TB

After completing the above steps, we can return to the homepage, click Sharepoint, and enter the Sharepoint interface

Here we observe the comparison of the website and Onedrive for business. We can find that Microsoft’s storage function is composed of the Sharepoint module, which is affiliated with each site, and Onedrive is just a special site under the Sharepoint module, and its URL is conto-my. SharePoint and the URL of Sharepoint is

So according to Microsoft’s documentation:

We can see that the single-site capacity of Sharepoint Online is also 25TB maximum, and Onedrive and Sharepoint share the same rules.

Back to the Sharepoint interface, we click to create a website, because our purpose is to store files, so choose the team website

SharePoint Create Team Site
SharePoint Create Team Site

Then select the site name and profile. The site name is the suffix of your SharePoint website name. For example, here I choose drive3. After you enter the name, it will automatically pop up the name and check whether it is available, and the suffix of the URL is the name you set, then Choose next

SharePoint Get Team Site Conectted to Office 365 Groups
SharePoint Get Team Site Connected to Office 365 Groups

Then choose to complete, here successfully created a SharePoint team website

SharePoint Add Group and Member
SharePoint Add Group and Member

After the creation is complete, it will directly enter the new SharePoint website by default. We can go in and set it up. If we need to store the file, we can click on the document. You can see that the interface is basically the same as Onedrive for business.

Similarly, we can go to the storage standard and see that the new Sharepoint site capacity is 25TB

This is different from Onedrive. If Onedrive wants to use 25TB of capacity, it must always keep its use capacity greater than 4.5TB, otherwise even if the space is expanded, it will instantly change back to 5TB, and Sharepoint is different, you can always maintain 25TB of space.

Similar to Onedrive, Sharepoint can also be synchronized using the Onedrive sync client. Unlike Onedrive, you can directly open the client to log in. Sharepoint needs to log in under the web page. We need to select the shared Sharepoint directory (that is, you want to sync to the folder under the Sharepoint web page Or root directory), for example, here I select the root directory, click Sync

SharePoint Document Sync with Dekstop OneDrive
SharePoint Document Sync with Dekstop OneDrive

Then choose to open

Open Sync SharePoint on OneDrive Dekstop APP
Open Sync SharePoint on OneDrive Dekstop APP

Then the Onedrive sync client will automatically start, and you have entered your current Office365 account, then log in and choose a good location

Then we can see that the Sharepoint sync folder similar to the Onedrive icon appears on your hard drive. The Sharepoint folder is similar to a 2 building icon


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