How To Get EDU Mail of Northampton Community College
How To Get EDU Mail of Northampton Community College

Northampton Community College (abbreviation: NCC), formerly known as Northampton County Area Community College, is a two-year public comprehensive subject community school established in 1967.

The main campus is located in the town of Bethlehem in Northampton, Pennsylvania, and the branch campus is located in Pocono, Monroe County, with satellite stations at the southern ends of Bethlehem and Horley Point.

Northampton Community College awards associate degrees, certificates and diplomas in more than 100 fields including arts and humanities, business and technology, education, and professional medical care.

It is one of the largest employers in the Lehigh Valley Regional registered nurses, practicing nurses, emergency personnel, radiologists, dental hygienists, veterinary technicians, directors of Fun instrument services, cooks, and primary educators of early childhood educators.

One of the largest labor force training, adult literacy programs, and non-credit course providers in the four counties, it is the only community college in Pennsylvania that provides on-campus housing and serves more than 34,000 students in credit and non-credit courses each year.

  • Official website:
  • Email suffix:
  • Online application address: Register Here

To apply for the EDU Mail of Northampton Community College in the United States, it is recommended to use Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) American information name and address.

Click “Admissions Application” to apply for admission, and then click “Click here to start filling out this application” to start filling out the application.

After the application is submitted, it will take about 14 days, depending on the character.

You will receive an EDU Mail from Northampton Community College titled “NCC Student Account Information” containing your student ID.

EDU Mail Login :

The initial password is First Name first letter lowercase + Last Name first letter uppercase +! + Year of birth (YYYY) + first three letters of English word of birth month (the first letter capitalized), for example: name is John Smith, The birth date is January 17, 2003, then the initial password is: jS!2003Jan

The prefix of your EDU mailbox is the first capital letter of First Name + Last [email protected]

For example: if your name is John and your last name is Smith, then your EDU mailbox is: [email protected]

Logging into Gmail will automatically jump to the Northampton Community College landing page, the user name is your student ID. The Northampton Community College EDU Mail is hosted on Gmail, Google Drive is unlimited, and there is no team drive permission.

Note: Northampton Community College has closed registration for Office 365 Education.


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