How long does domain name resolution take effect?
How long does domain name resolution take effect? (Foto Public Domain Files)

How long does domain name resolution take effect? Domain name resolution takes effect very quickly. Generally, service providers give promises to take effect within 24 hours, but they can usually take effect within one or two hours.

If the company has an internal DNS server, it may have to wait for updates to its cache, which may take up to 48 hours.

General GTLD resolution takes effect within 2 hours, and national top-level domain name resolution takes effect within 24 hours. Because the domain name resolution needs to be synchronized to the DNS root server, and the DNS root server will be refreshed from time to time. Only after the DNS root server is refreshed, the domain name can be accessed normally.

The newly added analysis will generally take effect in about 10 minutes, the longest will not exceed 24 hours, and the modified analysis time will be slightly extended.

The process of domain name resolution taking effect is the process of binding domain names to IP. When the resolution takes effect, the implementation mechanism for the user to access the domain name is: the DNS server asks which IP address the domain name points to, and the DNS server tells the client to open the corresponding website space.

There are countless Internet nodes and DNS servers around the world. After setting the domain name resolution record, this result is synchronized to each DNS server in the world. The time required for this process is the resolution effective time.


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