Difference between cloud host and server
Difference between cloud host and server (Foto Pixabay)

Difference between cloud host and server? In general, the cloud host is more flexible and can be expanded at any time according to the amount; and the physical machine performance is better.

If you want to know more details, please read below:

1. Concept

Cloud host, also known as a cloud server, is a new generation of cloud computing. It integrates resources through virtualization and cluster technology and generates relevant host resources on-demand through the cloud control platform.

The physical machine, that is, the server leased hosting, can be understood as I bought a computer and placed it in the computer room.

2. The use

A cloud server is elastically scalable computing, network, and storage service, and its management method is more efficient and simple than a physical server.

At the same time, cloud servers can be bought and used without the need for physical servers, server procurement, racking, and system installation …

3. Other inputs

If you use a physical machine, you may need to hire an employee who is specifically responsible for server operation and maintenance. For cloud servers, you only need to have website developers and follow-up website program maintenance personnel. General cloud server environment deployment and troubleshooting are provided free of charge like Jingan.

Write at the end

Of course, physical machines are also beneficial. If the server is rented and hosted, the stability and security are guaranteed, and the host will not be overloaded due to shared hosting, which will cause the performance of the server to deteriorate or become paralyzed.

You can also strictly control and conduct precise tests on your behavior and procedures to maximize the stability of server rental and hosting.


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