3 Tips for Success in Business Networking
3 Tips for Success in Business Networking (image medium.com)

3 Tips for Success in Business Networking according to Experts & Experienced Leaders:

1. It is very important to realize that the way to run a networking business is very different from the conventional way of doing business, meaning that if a partner runs a Networking business but with a conventional way of doing business it is certain that the results will not be optimal even many will fail.
The conventional way of doing business is closing selling and afterwards providing only after-sales services, in contrast to the Networking business which after inviting to join requires commitment to foster and teach a partner until they really understand in running their business (duplication).

2. So before you decide to run a networking business, make sure you really recognize who is inviting you to join, because in the Networking business the integrity, commitment and good name of a leader also determine success in a networking business.

3. Business networking is a business of trust, so it will be easier if you invite people who are close and already know first, afterwards then the others.

So it is very important to be able to recognize and distinguish whether the person who is inviting you belongs to the type of conventional business or networking type, because THIS IS THE KEY KEY & DETERMINATION OF SUCCESS OR NOT.

Some IMPORTANT Tips to recognize the character types of people who invite / offer NETWORKING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES to you, Conventional or Networking:


1. Newly known in public or in a BOP, Group Chat, Medsos immediately offered his business aggressively.
2. Hard Closing or offering with a little push without creating an emotional connection first.
3. Lack of sensitivity and concern for other partners, often ignoring existing business ethics.


1. Have known for a long time or at least there is already a close relationship, because the Networking business is a business of trust.
2. Offering by providing a solution first in ways that have been taught, properly and not imposing.
3. Explain until you really understand.

Important things to avoid in running a network business:
1. Not persuaded by the crossline or other parties who want to plug a point in your network or vice versa.
2. Not too often complaining about any problems encountered, this will give a dubious negative impression to your downline about Attitude, Problem Solving Ability & your weak Fighting Power.
3. Do not neglect partners who have been invited, but are nurtured until they are able to be independent in running a Networking business.

Hopefully these tips are useful & help you to succeed in Networking business and make you a true leader.


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